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Online casino bonuses: what you need to know

Smart marketing is an integral part of a successful online casino – it is an axiom. Experienced operators strive to excel at 2 types of marketing: we call them “acquisition” and “retention” marketing. The first is aimed at attracting player traffic, while the second is more about bonuses, loyalty programs, tournaments and other activities. This time, bonuses and their features are in our field of vision.

Let’s figure out what bonuses are and why they exist

To answer this question, let’s take a look around. Google “online casino” and you will instantly get a huge amount of results. Every casino relies on SEO, affiliate marketing, and other opportunities to hit the top searches and gain the attention of players. But what do you do when players finally find your casino to make them stay?

Great design is good, but let’s face it, the growing popularity of online casinos is attracting experienced professionals to the business. And in general, the level of the gambling industry has risen markedly in recent years compared to earlier stages.

Most reputable casinos have a similar set of gaming providers available to players. This is partly due to the conservatism of the players who prefer a certain set of games.

The problem is that many casinos have more or less the same game content, which means the odds of winning. Casino operators need to take serious action to transform casino visitors into loyal players.

The best way to win the loyalty of those who come to try their luck at your casino is to give them what they want as soon as possible.

A bonus is a method of providing a player with free money / game options (such as free spins) for use at a particular casino. Everyone loves free stuff, so operators are not shy about this promotion method.

The main types of bonuses:

  1. Sign Up Bonus is a popular way to welcome players, encourage them to sign up, and most importantly, accept casino policies and share their personal details. Then you have two things: a registered potential player and the ability to contact him for further marketing. From this point on, all further relationship with the player is either your success or failure. In exchange for the data, the casino credits credit money and / or free spins to the players’ accounts so that they can immediately feel the taste of the game with minimal losses.
  2. Deposit bonus – the name corresponds to the purpose. The bonus is issued to encourage players to make a deposit with their own money. It is these bonuses that are most aggressively promoted by casino operators, since this is the whole point. Usually, such a bonus is issued as a% of the deposit amount, sometimes accompanied by a certain amount of free spins.
  3. Reload bonus – aimed at keeping the player and attracting those who have not made a deposit for a certain period of time (week, month, etc.). This is a good way to remind the player of the casino or invite a long-gone player to come back to take advantage of the extra bonus. This type of bonus can take various forms, from additional free spins to a percentage of the deposit. To keep players coming back sooner, reload bonuses are usually time-limited and have a fixed expiration date. In addition, reload bonuses can also be dedicated to a specific event or used to promote new games.
  4. Cashback / free spins in case of loss. This is something to consider if you plan to build long-term relationships with players. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose – that is the nature of the game. As a rule, players take a loss to heart, and the last thing we would like is to let the players leave the casino in a bad mood. Providing a% cashback on a loss will certainly soften the blow. Another good option is to provide individual free spins to players who are unlucky that day.

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