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Bingo online for free: rules & secrets

The story of this folk game with the coveted word “BINGO!” has its roots in the United States. Already in 1929, the astute businessman Edwin Lowe organized the first bingo draw in New York. Lowe had previously noticed the game at a fair in Georgia, where it was successfully practiced by the Spaniards under the name “Beano”. The name changed rather by accident, when the winner of one of Lowe’s draws suddenly shouted enthusiastically “Bingo!” …

Long before its release, the online game had gained immense television fame. In a number of countries, bingo is an important family leisure activity during the holidays. Turks, for example, traditionally play bingo on New Year’s Eve. Although their game is called “Tombola”. In the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia, especially in the mountainous regions, residents love to organize free bingo competitions. During the cabbage harvest season, prizes are sausages, and at Easter – eggs.

Bingo rules are very simple!

Be it bingo . live, online on a computer or on a mobile phone: the order of the legendary lottery is clear to everyone! To be successful, it is enough to know the basics of online bingo :

  • The game usually uses 75 balls . The presenter gets the numbers and announces, and in the online version – the program.
  • Before the start of the drawing, participants receive one or more bingo tickets free of charge / for payment . In the online version of GameTwist, users place bets with Twists and see tickets in front of them on the screen.
  • A standard bingo ticket contains 25 cells in a 5 x 5 square (not in all games!). Columns of numbers are usually denoted by letters. For example: B – 1-15; I – 16-30 , etc. Important! The numbers on the tickets can be very different, but this does not affect the probability of success in any way. How to improve your luck? Buy more bingo tickets!
  • After each number, the participants mark the matches (with crosses, circles, etc.), and if the game is played online , the numbers are crossed out automatically. To win, you need to collect a given combination (may vary). The winner of the drawing is the one who collects the Bingo first – that is, closes the entire ticket. As a rule, after the announcement of the results, a new round starts with different tickets.

Bingo online – secrets of success

Previously, bingo could only be found in special salons and on television. Today the situation has changed dramatically. The game has become a real hit among online entertainment . Online bingo has an obvious advantage: you can play anywhere and at any time of the day (on a computer, tablet or smartphone). Despite this, it is still important to remember:

Online bingo is different. Many online versions differ significantly from the usual interpretation of gameplay. It is clear that there is no leader in them, and the numbers are determined by a random number generator. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the rules of a particular variant before starting the game.

The main thing is positive! Playing fun is our top priority! In addition, there is always a chance to earn a bonus and enjoy the game on the house .

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